I've been to the grocery store more times this week than the last 3 months combined. I constantly see people on a mission and completely self involved with no regard for anyone but themselves. While the we've been told to practice social distancing it seems like we forget that when we walk into the place that provides the nourishment we all need... the grocery store. Is it too much to give the people that stock those shelves the same courtesy we've been giving our co-workers? What if we gave them 6 feet? Why 6 feet?

According to Dr. Hahn who spoke to ktvb... "Six feet really comes out of studies that if I cough or sneeze and don't cover it, you're safe out of my zone," Dr. Hahn said. "Droplets will land before they get to you. If I'm staying six feet away from you and you suddenly sneeze and don't cover it, I'm far enough way that I shouldn't get contaminated."

Sometimes we need to look at the situation through a different pair of eyes and this sis a perfect example. Judy Brede who has worked for Albertsons for 30 opened a window into her world when she spoke to ktvb.

"I've been through hurricanes," Brede said. "This is way worse because it's lasted longer. We are all at risk being here because we're not six feet apart from our customers and we're touching their money," she said.

The next time you go to the grocery store keep this in mind and much like we need to do with our doctors... take care of the people taking care of us.

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