When it comes to sports in the Treasure Valley, there is no denying that kids and adults alike are big fans. While for years, Boise State's football program was the crowned jewel of the sports scene here in town--these days, the basketball program has gained a whole lot of steam in town.

For two consecutive years, the men's basketball program at Boise State has advanced to March Madness--and been dominant in the Mountain West. It's fair to say they have made a lot of basketball fans out of this town!

With no professional teams here in the Treasure Valley, or anywhere in Idaho, our local collegiate programs are often as close to 'the big time' as many kids in our area will get. Not for long, however, as a group of retired NBA players have announced they're organizing a basketball camp--and it's coming to Nampa.

Organized by Tate George (5-year veteran), Chucky Atkins (11-year veteran), Chris Smith (3-year veteran), and Chris Gatling (11-year veteran)-- all sorts of skills and tips will be offered to local kids on the days of June 12-15 and July 10th -13th.

To learn more about the camp and to register, click HERE.

What we love most is that these players are offering scholarships to kids who might otherwise not be able to attend. 

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship to the camp, contact the organizers the following ways:

  • Email: admin@xlegendarysports.com
  • Phone: 208-948-4143

Deadline for scholarships is 11:59pm on May 15, 2023 and only apply to the June dates--session 1 or session 2--not both. 

Did you know that Boise State has sent some players to the NBA over the years? 

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This Former Nampa Basketball Star is ESPN's Darling

It's not often that you see Sports Center re-run a single play as often as they did last night. The good folks at ESPN could not get enough of the dominating performance by one particular Texas Tech player who left it all on the court. His team defeated Baylor-- the defending National Champion and the only remaining undefeated team in the country this season.
Plot twist, this player has some serious Idaho ties-- with NO offers out of High School, Adonis Arms played in Nampa at Northwest Nazarene University where he gained the skill set and the reputation to make his way up to the big time stage.


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