Boise State fans are you ready for some football? I'm pretty sure most of us know the answer to that question. The bigger question is how does someone get into the biggest game of the season without buying season tickets. Let's face it whether it's the cost consideration or the time consideration buying season tickets is a big commitment. Most of the people that have season tickets end up wasting or gifting tickets that they're not able to use. Boise state has come up with a great solution to this long standing issue.

Effective immediately Boise State is selling three-game ticket bundles for the 2021-22 football season. Two plans were announced today and they both guarantee tickets to the Oklahoma and Air Force games. The plans start at $129 per seat and max out at $150.

 "Our student-athletes deserve sellouts at each of our six home games, so if you can't commit to all six games for a particular reason, these mini plans provide an opportunity to hit one game per month," director of athletics Jeramiah Dickey said in a statement. "The best way to guarantee a seat to Oklahoma State is by purchasing a season ticket, Blue Collar Pass or mini plan."

In my opinion this is a gamechanger for the Bronco nation. Click here to get your tix immediately.

The Broncos' complete 2021 schedule is below:

Thursday, Sept. 2 | @ UCF (5 p.m.; ESPN)

Friday, Sept. 10 | UTEP (7:30 p.m.; FS1)

Saturday, Sept. 18 | Oklahoma State (7 p.m.; FS1)

Saturday, Sept. 25 | @ Utah State* (10 a.m.; CBS)

Saturday, Oct. 2 | Nevada* (TBD; FOX/FS1/FS2)

Saturday, Oct. 9 | @ BYU (TBD: ESPN Networks)

Saturday, Oct. 16 | Air Force* (TBD: FOX/FS1/FS2)

Saturday, Oct. 30 | @ Colorado State* (5 p.m.; CBS SN)

Saturday, Nov. 6 | @ Fresno State* (5 p.m.; CBS SN)

Friday, Nov. 12 | Wyoming* (7 p.m.; FS1)


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