Imagine, your sitting in your apartment watching Netflix when suddenly you hear a loud bang, followed by a bullet sized hole in your apartment. This happened to a family in Nampa last Thursday night. With all the talk about gun rights, it's easy to forget that gun safety is very important as well and locking up your guns in your house is vital for the safety of others.

One Nampa family is lucky to be OK after a child next door accidentally fired a bullet through their house Thursday night. They hope the accidental shooting will underscore the importance of locking up guns, especially if you have kids.

This story reminds me of a time when I lived in the Clear Water Apartments off of Parkcenter. My upstairs neighbor was cleaning his gun when it accidentally went off. The bullet traveled through the wall and hit the woman sleeping in a bed next door. Luckily, the wound caused by the shot was superficial but still a pretty scary experience for all involved.

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