If you can't cruise around town without scream-singing "Don't Speak" at the top of your lungs, you're in good company — Gwen Stefani, who released the song with No Doubt in 1996, does the very same. IT CAN'T BE HELPED.

Stefani, who'll soon hit the road with Eve for a North American tour, hopped into James Corden's ride for the comedian's latest Carpool Karaoke segment. In the video above, the duo treats the interior of Corden's car like it's a sold-out show at the Hollywood Bowl — you know, if the audience was a collection of cup holders and a series of air-conditioning units. (Plus, there are featured performances from George Clooney and Julia Roberts, who join halfway through the ride so that Corden's car can qualify for the HOV 4+ lane).

After belting out a couple of Stefani's more famous tunes, the quartet finds itself hung up on the meaning behind 2005's "Hollaback Girl."

"If some guys are on a construction site and they're yelling at a girl, she's not gonna turn back; she's not that kind of girl," Clooney guesses. "Am I close?"

"I think that that's pretty close," Stefani says, before adding a level of intrigue to the Grammy-nominated track. "The real inspiration behind that song, I would never say. All I'll say is: I won."

"This s--- is bananas!" Clooney observes.

Watch Stefani's (and Clooney's and Roberts') Carpool Karaoke adventure above.


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