As we all navigate this global pandemic together--many are wondering, what's next?

Well, it could be gym closures...again.

According to Central District Health, the figures in Ada County still aren't where we want them to be and now, some on the Board of Health are suggesting that gyms get shut down to slow the spread.

If you're like me, getting into the gym is a real stress reliever--while I'm all for whatever is best for our community, I'll also be really sad if gyms get closed again. My gym, Kvell Fitness & Nutrition in downtown Boise has done a TON to increase cleanliness and safety. Social distancing markers are on the floor, everything is sprayed with approved, hospital-grade sanitizer after each session, the floors are mopped after each session, and masks are even required when you're around your peers. I feel safer at my gym than I do at the grocery store.

As we try and combat this virus, how do you feel about the closure of gyms?

Central District Health is set to discuss this on Tuesday, August 11th, at 4:00p.m. and we will continue to keep you posted.


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