The first part of Halloween finished up on Saturday night live from Strange Love in downtown Boise. I mention this as the "first part" because we have another party on Thursday night including some spooky trick-or-treating in the neighborhood.

Saturday night was crazy but so was the hangover It was really okay but you could tell I was dragging as my wife was finishing up Halloween decorations. For some reason, I think it's easy to throw back some shots and pick up where I left off years ago. I learned the hard way on Sunday.

We hosted three locations was from Strange Love, Dirty Little Roddy's and Amsterdam. All three were slammed all night long and we definitely wanna show some love to everyone who came out in those frigid temperatures.

There was a point when I use to be the one closing down those same Halloween parties. I was married, with no kids and just a one-bedroom apartment.

Do I ever miss those days? Hell yes! I love this place, my job and everything we created. Would I go back if I could? No. Everything I've been through has brought me to this point which is exactly where I wanna be. Instead of meeting up to pre funk with the boys before a big night I'm doing something a little different these days.


Photo by: Kekeluv

My son was helping the wifey do a little Halloween prep before things started popping off downtown. In between our little 1-year-old Leo waking up, feeding, and everything else it was finally time to leave. So, how have things changed? I would have been okay hanging out with my sweet family on Saturday night.

So, I guess you could say I'm getting double the memories. It was great hanging with family #1 and family #2. We'll see you out for round 2 at Humpin Hannah's and some door to door trick-or-treating on Halloween

See everyone Thursday

  • Official Halloween Party: Humpin Hannah's
  • Get there early because lines will be cray!
Photo by: kekeluv