It's elementary knowledge yet it's one of the worst habits that you see on the streets daily: texting and driving. I'll be the first to admit that it's a problem in my own car-- in fact, the only ticket I've ever received was for being on my phone in the car and ever since that $80 fine I am a whole lot more conscious of my phone use.

It shouldn't take an $80 fine, however, to make you NOT want to touch your phone while you're driving. In fact, it should be the simple truth of how dangerous it is to look anywhere but the road while you're driving a vehicle. Lives are at risk any time you get behind the wheel...a phone shouldn't be added to it.

We reported several weeks ago that the City of Meridian was the first in the Treasure Valley to take a HARD stance against texting and driving-- or, ANY cell phone use and driving. You can't even touch your phone in the car in Meridian. Now, Boise is wanting to follow suit and it's probably a good idea.

The ordinance being pushed by city leaders bans any device that can receive data from being used while you're operating a vehicle. Exceptions would include use being permitted while parked, while out of the flow of traffic, and to report an emergency.

Boise Police say they want this measure to increase awareness and safety-- NOT to increase tickets to be issued.


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