Today is the day we celebrate the hard working men and woman that make up the Medical Assistant Field in the Treasure Valley. With St. Luke's and St, St. Alphonsus being some of the biggest employers in the state according to Buy Boise Real-Estate there are about 4300 associates throughout the state.

Two of the largest employers in Idaho are the regional hospitals, St. Alphonsus Hospital and St. Luke’s Hospital. St. Alphonsus employs close to a thousand medical staff members in Idaho and has over 4,300 associates throughout the state.

As for St. Luke’s, this hospital is one of the finest in the state and employs over 13,500 people throughout the state, making it a much larger employer than St. Alphonsus. St. Luke’s is also the only not-for-profit health center in all of Idaho that is Idaho-based. There are more than 1800 physicians at St. Luke’s hospital, and they provide some of the greatest medical care in the country.

So today take a second, be thankful, be gracious, and appreciate our Medical Assistants that help us all in the Treasure Valley.


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