It's a big day for many here in the Treasure Valley as all across the globe, we celebrate National Dog Day.  By now, I'm sure you've seen the graphics and photos all over social media. If there's one thing that Boise loves more than craft beer and our amazing city...I think it's dogs!  Post up at any patio or brewery around town and more often than not, water bowls and treats are available for their guest's best friend.

I've had my dog, Piccolo, for about 6 years now. She turns 7 this winter. I never thought I would actually adopt a little dog but after dating a girl that had one, I realized how much I wanted to have one at home with me too. Now, I can say that Piccolo has been through thick and thin with me and I can't imagine doing life without her. I love the loud MEOW I hear when I walk into the door after work each day and am greeted with all sorts of love!

Post up and show us your dogs! Happy National Dog Day!

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