I have several teammates from Team Run Boise who will probably be all over this!

One of the highlights of a team get together were our friends Steve and Chris discussing their extensive Lego collections.  And we're not talking like the $20 Luke's landspeeder set  you can grab at Toys R Us.  These guys invest those Death Star, Super Star Destroyer and Millennium Falcon sets that cost several hundred dollars.  I'm not surprised to see their faces on the "interested" list for Long Drop Cider's Legos at Longdrop night!

Longdrop's owners, Chris and Carol, are good friends of our tailgate buddies and I think they've put together one of the coolest adult evenings ever! You're invited to come channel your inner child while enjoying a cold cider at their tasting room at 603 S. Capitol Blvd.  It's next Thursday, May 18th from 6-8 p.m.  Whoever comes up with the coolest Lego creation will win a free cider on Chris and Carol!

Exciting Things Coming for Longdrop and it's Neighbors

BTW, plans continue to turn the plaza that Longdrop is in to morph into a Downtown Party mecca! The plan is to turn the location into a hub for the Longdrop tasting room and two other new bars.  The first is White Dog Brewing Co., which hails from Bozeman, Mt.  They're currently working toward their opening in the actual Grind Modern Burger location on Fulton.  It'll be similar to their Bozeman pub.  The other is Gas Lantern Drinking Co that's moving into the Everhealthy Fitness location. They're an English pub that will focus on cocktails and wine. Chris also mentioned an outdoor kitchen that will prepare food for all three locations.

The Idaho Statesman confirms that the kitchen is Smoke & Thyme.  They'll customize a different menu for each tenant including a totally gluten free menu for Longdrop.  There will be outdoor seating by the outdoor kitchen and between all the tenants patios are going to wrap around the building. Fire pits and live music are also in the works.

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