I am a rule follower. Always have been. In some cases that made me a boring child to my peers. But I don't like getting in trouble and most of the time rules are set in place for your safety and protection. That whole "rules are meant to be broken" is just not a phrase I've let enter my lexicon. However, I can admit that Idaho is home to some pretty silly laws. I'm not compelled to break them, but these are weird.

In Idaho it is against the law to:
- live in a dog house/kennel unless you're a dog
- ride a merry-go-round on a Sunday
- hunt from a helicopter
- display affection in public for a period longer than 18 minutes
- fish off the back of a camel
- ride a motorcycle if you're over the age of 88 (Idaho Falls)

The only tempting one is to ride the merry-go-round on a Sunday, but I'll live. Now about this motorcycle situation in Idaho Falls. I can understand why an 88+ year old driver would be concerning on a motorcycle. Driving a motorcycle can be dangerous for younger people who don't have any effects from an advanced age. But can you believe that Idaho doesn't have a law requiring riders to wear helmets?!

A rider under 18 years old is required to wear a helmet while driving a motorcycle, yes. But once you're allowed to legally buy cigarettes, helmets are optional. Optional?! That is INSANE to me. I've never been one to tell bikers their preferred mode of transportation is dangerous, but it's scary that there is no law requiring them to wear the one thing that could save their lives in the event of an accident. What do you think about this? I'd love to hear the argument for why one shouldn't have to wear a helmet.


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