We are 15 days away from the premier of Star Wars Episode 7, The Force Awakens. With that comes all the press junkets and late night show visits.

Harrison Ford made an appearance on Jimmy Fallon last night and all I can say is he is one of the most priceless things America has created. First of all, his legacy is impeccable. He is Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan, was in Blade Runner and our President in Air Force One. He has been a part of some of the worlds greatest films. His humor is amazing as you'll see in the clip below. Although immensely private he is one to never take things too seriously.

With the upcoming release of Star Wars, he is only adding to his legend and it's good to see, at the age of 73, he is still having fun and being as awesome as ever. By the way, a new trailer was released that has Luke Skywalker in it for a little bit which finally gives us a sense of relief seeing him in a trailer.

We still have plenty of premier tickets left and I am giving some away if you want to go see this with the KISS family.

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