Ladies this is for you. It's Valentines Day and you're single, you find yourself listening to the radio and one of your favorite artist / hearthrobs plays on the air. You're mind starts to wonder... What is Harry Styles doing at this very moment? You picture him getting out of a limo in Paris and walking into a swanky restaurant with a beautiful model. They sip champagne and laugh while at dinner then they are escorted to the rooftop of the highrise where the restaurant is located. This is where they enjoy the most romantic views ever. Harry serenades the model and they kiss passionately before a helicopter touches down on the helipad and whisks them away to his luxurious estate for the evening. All of that sounds amazing but here's what Harry was actually doing on Valentines night.

According to a recent interview Harry was walking home from a friends house (i'm sure it was a friend) on Valentines night when he noticed some guys loitering in his otherwise quite neighborhood. Before he knew it they had crossed the street twice to follow him and surrounded him. After they revealed a knife he gave them a wad a cash but when they asked for his phone he refused to give it to them and ran towards oncoming traffic. Harry said he didn't think they recognized him and that this would of never happened if he hadn't "been alone on Valentines"

Okay Harry... We know how much you struggle with women... LOL

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