It's widely believed that the Boise Hawks would have a better turnout at games if their almost 30-year old Garden City stadium was replaced.  That new stadium could become a reality in Downtown Boise!

According to the Idaho Statesman, the Hawks' managing partner is looking at an 11 acre piece of property near Americana Boulevard and Shoreline Drive. The hope is to build a brand new 5,000 seat stadium that could be used not just for baseball, but soccer and lacrosse as well. The stadium would only take up 4 acres of the property.  A piece of the property would be donated to the City of Boise and the rest of it would become residential, retail, office and parking space near the stadium.

The stadium is estimated to be a $41 million project while the other projects would total about $60 million. If the project moves forward the earliest the Hawks could play in the stadium is Spring 2019, but Spring 2020 is more realistic. The new stadium could also attract a minor league soccer team to the area and revitalize a part of Downtown that hasn't been nearly as popular since The Connector was put in.

Although, there's a lot more to moving the project forward.  The property the team is looking at is currently owned by St. Luke's and they are also speaking with other potential buyers.

I'm excited for the possibility of a new stadium, but I'll miss Memorial Stadium.  I've got so many great memories there! After my second marathon, I quit running for three years. During those three years, my life was totally not where I wanted it to be so I dropped the weight I'd put on with a little help from Idaho Fat Loss and got back to running in 2015. Fit 4 Life was my first race back. I was so proud of myself for surviving the 10K and got to finish on home plate at Memorial Stadium!

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