Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber teamed up recently to basically meltdown the internet.  Not with sexy underwear pics, like Shawn Mendes posted, although Ed did just post this on his Insta yesterday...

Instead, they've teamed up to release new music.  It's called " I Don't Care" and it drops tonight at 10 p.m. MST.  Mateo will be the first to play it, and you can hear it hourly on 103.5 KISS FM, so make sure you have our free app from your app store or maybe tomorrow morning while you're driving to work, with Keke and Kat.

This isn't the first collab the two have done, remeber the mega smash , "Love Yourself"?

The video alone has over 1.4 billion views.

Ed and Justin are having some fun on social media, teasing the collaboration, as seen in this side by side "spooning" green screen post.

We want to know what you think of the song when it drops tonight at 10 p.m our time.  Become a music influencer, by tapping dat app!  Thumbs up or thumbs down when the song plays.

If you want to get a sneak peek of the song here you go!

Can you imagine a tour with Justin and Ed together?  That would be pretty epic!

Until then, just listen to " I Don't Care" every hour starting at 10 p.m. tonight, on 103.5 KISS FM!


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