Here's the thing: we're broken down and we need some help.

Our guy Mikey over here at 103.5 KISS FM is a total car guy so we all thought he could just snap his fingers and fix our 103.5 KISS FM vehicle...but apparently we've really driven this thing into the ground.

Getting out into the community is important and we're always out and about in our trust KISS FM vehicle. Well, full disclosure: turns out this thing hasn't had an oil change in who knows how long and now...all it does is go up in smoke!

We need to get it fixed but I wanted to take to the internet first because we love supporting local business.  We're estimating a couple of thousand dollars in repairs is needed on this bad boy and we want to take it in to get the best of the best.

Can you point us to an awesome, LOCAL mechanic or shop? We need back on the road!

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