Should there be an indoor water park at Roaring Springs? What if a hotel was built right there in the middle of everything so you could play all day and then stay on site making it feel like vacation? You get to choose what's next. 

It's where we go when the temps are in the high 70's and above. When we can, we'll spend summers at Roaring Springs. Any excuse to get in that water, we'll use.

I was going to get into the whole "kids birthday parties are great there". They are. That's a thing. The real story that's in my head that I was trying not to let out is that going there as an adult is the best. When you walk into the indoor adventure park it smells like tires because of one of the adventures and I'm kind of obsessed with it. Just last week, I went mini golfing and ate pizza and it completely cleared my mind. It's not just for kids.

What's next? You choose how you want it to grow.

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