Back at it again: Ammon Bundy is planning to make some more noise over masks. This time, at a high school football game.

Oh wait...he did that last week too. That happened to be the game that got called at halftime because there was too much commotion going on. What's with the new trend in protests from Bundy and his crew? Well--apparently high school football games are the place to be. With an event of Facebook pointing to ANOTHER high school football seems he likes being at the football fields more than a girl crushing on the star quarterback.

Ah, high school. The fun years--right? Sure, most of us would never want to go through the drama, bullying, and pressures that come with being a teen in high school. Overall, though, it was this care-free time to have fun, laugh, make friends, do silly thing, and grow.

Thanks to Ammon Bundy, it seems these teenagers have more to think about: is the football game going to get canceled again? I'm simply asking: is this fair? To the KIDS...who are living their high school years. Not Ammon Bundy.

To be frank, I really don't care about Ammon Bundy. He made a scene a health district. He got mad when he went somewhere he was trespassed from...and was arrested. We are ALL entitled to our beliefs, political alignments, religious affiliations, sexual identification, and so on. Ammon Bundy doesn't keep me up at night--even if we disagree on the issues.

Do you know what gets under my skin? Seeing this guy, in my opinion, "play martyr" at the cost of a high school football game. The players want to play--and are glad that games are even being allowed to happen! Parents want to see their kids do what they love! Friends and students want their schools to win!

AT WHAT COST, is Ammon Bundy willing to be a disruption? Apparently, there are no bounds.

Let the kids play, Ammon. That's my two cents.


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