The Holiday season comes with many things: Putting up Christmas Lights, binging Holiday-themed movies, and sipping hot cocoa day and night. But, more than almost anything, it comes with gift-giving.

We Idahoans sure do love the holidays! But more than that, we love putting a smile on someones face.

Christmas Gag Gifts - Funny Ideas

Open Butt Crack Pajama Pants  (Tied Up Tartan Open-Back PJ Pant) by Savage X Fenty

Yes, you heard that right. We love Rihanna, but not quite sure what the end game idea was for these Pajamas that leave a gapping hole right where your backside hangs out. 


Imagine getting the cutest pair of Pajamas from a notably fashionable online store… only see a huge hole in the bag where your bum goes? Hilarious.


Emergency Underpants

This is an obvious gag gift hit. Super affordable, and would make anyone laugh! Perfect for a low-budget white elephant party!


Fish Flip Flops 

I know this is SO random… but come on. How funny would it be to see someone walking around with FISH FLIP FLOPS?! These will definitely make anyone and everyone smile. 


Beer Belly Fanny Pack

This gift is just *chef’s kiss*. Who doesn’t love a fanny pack? So handy. And one that looks like a hairy old man’s beer belly? Sign me up!


Pizza Blanket

Now, this one I may just have to buy for myself! The perfect gag gift for any and every pizza lover in your life. 


Pooping Pooches Calendar

So he may have asked for a calendar full of hot babes in bikinis, but why not get him one with dogs taking a Sh** instead?! This hilarious calendar is sure to be a major hit.


We hope this gives you a solid list of ideas for gag gifts this season!

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