Not only some of the cutest doggos on planet earth, but the Treasure Valley also has the most fun dog names ever... Get lost in puppy pics here!

I always wanted to name a dog, T-Rex. So when i adopted my chiweenie, his foster name was Sebastian and I didn't think it fit him quite as well, so I called him T-Rex and now he's five years old. You get used to your dog's name and the fact that his name is T-Rex isn't a big deal in our house. However, when you're around other people and you call after your dog in a serious tone by yelling, "T-Rex!", it can cause a bit of laughter from the crowds around. So I have T-Rex, Toby and Titan. Those are my wieners and they certainly make life a lot more fun and interesting... I've also heard that having a dog makes people less likely to suffer from depression and even less likely to have a heart attack. It makes sense that our furry little friends can do so much good in our lives.

So, on National Dog Day, we asked the Treasure Valley to share pictures of their dogs along with their names and besides the fact that we got a ton of great photos of dogs to share, we also got to check out some really cool dog names! So, if you've got a new pup coming into your life, check out the gallery below for some awesome name ideas!

Some Of Idaho's Cutest Pups & Coolest Names

11 Dog Names That Are So Idaho

Finding the perfect name for your new pup can be a challenge because it needs to be cool, and also have good consonants for emphasis when the dog gets in trouble. If the name gives Idaho some love at the same time, even better!

Adorable Boise Dog Photos


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