Two people are synonymous with founding the area we live in here in the Pacific Northwest. To most Americans, they are heroes who, like Columbus, braved into an uncharted world, survived, and because of their courage, we have the great Western United States. The explorers that I'm referring to our Meriwether Lewis and William Clark.  

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We see their contributions that led to the Oregon Trail and the development of America. The duo created over 140 new maps of the area known at the time as the Louisiana Purchase. They discovered over 100 animals and 178 plants. However, an elementary school principal has banned a fourth-grade performance of Lewis and Clark due to two complaints reported by

The cancellation is because the critics allege that the play reinforces cultural stereotypes. The school offered no specific details about canceling the play or an effort to provide an alternative. Sacajawea aided Lewis and Clark in their efforts to document the Northwest. You cannot travel throughout the Northwest without seeing a tribute to Lewis and Clark.   

The school, Lowell Elementary, is located in Tacoma. The principal Renee Rossman wrote a letter to the parents telling them she understood how disappointed the students were that the play had been canceled. However, she noted that the school will not 'perpetuate stereotypes or engage in cultural appropriation.'

Lewis and Clark were given their mission by President Thomas Jefferson to find a river passage to the Pacific Ocean. The duo should be celebrated and not canceled by any school.  

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