If you escaped to Bogus Basin during this week's winter storm, you probably experienced some very different road conditions than those of us on the Valley floor. 

When we were planning our New Year's Day tubing trip up at Bogus Basin, it was clear that my boyfriend's Mustang wasn't the best vehicle to take up the mountain.  But I wasn't nervous about taking my Mazda 3 up the mountain because it's well known that Bogus Basin Road usually has the best road conditions in the winter.

So how do they keep the 16 mile climb to Boise's favorite ski destination clear?  According to Channel 2, Bogus Basin has two plows that beginning their work at 3 a.m.  Those team up with sanding and de-icing trucks and continue work until 11 p.m.

Bogus's director of mountain operations, Nate Shake, tells Channel 2 that it's also a good idea to have 4-wheel drive and snow tires or other traction device like chains if you're planning to enjoy the mountain during a winter storm.

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