The Academy Awards is finally over and we can stop talking about who is going to win the Oscar. This is the point where everyone complains about who actually won and this should linger through the week. Ever wonder how they pick these winners?

Let's take a look at how the Oscar winners are chosen so we know who to blame once and for all!

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga took the stage Sunday night in a very sweet performance of, "Shallow" from their Oscar-nominated remake of, A Star is Born. The stage was set to a dimly lit romantic finale of the Oscar-winning song sung by the duo. Some were more interested in why Bradley's girlfriend was there but that's another discussion. We all secretly want them together! Who chooses though?

The voters are made up of over 7,000 filmmakers and film professionals. You have actors voting on acting awards and producers casting a ballot on awards revolving their craft. Directors choose the best directing and actors to pick their favorite performances. Makes sense right?

There is one exception though, Best Picture. Everyone gets to cast a vote on the best movie of the year. The Green Book took this year's top honor and everyone got to cast that ballot. We can all blame the film industry for choosing their favorite flicks!

Should there be a people's choice or online vote? Would that eliminate the prestige of the "Oscar?" Seems to me that Kevin Hart drama around hosting, all the A Star is Born hype seemed to create all the excitement this year. I actually think the red carpet on E and ABC seem to get more popular by the year as the Oscars lack hype.

Check out the more in-depth screening process for choosing the Oscar winners below.



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