St. Luke's Fit One race is a big deal and people from all over the Treasure Valley participate every year. You guessed it COVID-19 claims another cancellation, the event has been cancelled but the race has not. Allow me to explain, while we cannot gather to run together the race will continue as a virtual race. How does the St. Luke's Fit One race go virtual and how can you be involved?

The three day event originally scheduled for Sept. 26th will now become a series of online challenges from Sept. 18-26. You can complete these challenges using RaceJoy app which will allow you to record all your activity for the event. If you're doing the 10k you will be able to select multiple paths throughout Boise, however if you are participating in the 5k you will have the ability to pick routes in Boise, Twin Falls, Canyon County, McCall or the Wood River Valley. Hopefully next year we can get back to the event that we all know and love but for now that's how the Fit One event goes virtual.



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