Every year Forbes Magazine ranks the richest Americans from number 1 to 400 hence the Forbes 400. It's super interesting that in addition to the 400 richest Americans there are an additional 233 billionaires with a "B" that did NOT make the list according to Forbes. The report also states that in order to make the list you would of needed to be worth at least 2.1 billion dollars.  Think about that for a minute, one billion is a thousand million!!! So you would need 2100 million dollars to make this list... I'm not sure I have 2100 hundred dollars in my back account at the moment... hahaha. When I first found out about the list I wondered how many of these billionaires that made the list are from Idaho? After some research it turns out there is only one Idahoan on the list and it happens to be Frank VanderSloot. Who is Frank VanderSloot? He founded and runs Melaleuca, which makes more than 400 products ranging from health supplements to eco-friendly household cleaners and he is from Idaho. Frank checks in at number 228 with a net worth of 3.5 billion. He is 72 years old and eligible to start collecting his social security check but something tells me he's not in a rush to file for those benefits. Check out the top 15 on Forbes 400 below. 

Top 15 Richest Americans in 2020, according to Forbes (As of 7/24/2020)

1. Jeff Bezos - $179 billion

2. Bill Gates - $111 billion

3. Mark Zuckerberg - $85 billion

4. Warren Buffet - $73.5 billion

5. Larry Ellison - $72 billion

6. Steve Ballmer - $69 billion

7. Elon Musk - $68 billion

8. Larry Page - $67.5 billion

9. Sergey Brin - $65.7 billion

10. Alice Walton - $62.3 billion

11. Jim Walton - $62.1 billion

12. Rob Walton  - $61.8 billion

14. Michael Bloomberg - $55 billion

15. Charles Koch - $45 billion




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