The last two weeks I was on vacation and doing the show from two different locations... Phoenix, Arizona and San Diego California. As I visited with people they would always bring up the weather in Idaho and how they couldn't live here based on the Winter weather. I get it, it's December and San Diego and Phoenix are averaging 65 degrees while Idaho is a cool 30 degrees. People can talk winter weather all they want, the truth of the matter is that Idaho was the number one moving destination in 2020. According to ktvb 

"The 2020 National Migration Study conducted by United Van Lines, the nation's largest household mover, ranked Idaho as the top Moving Destination of 2020. Last year, more residents moved to Idaho than moved out of Idaho, with 70% of moves being inbound."

Okay so people that live here are staying here and we can all relate to that but I was definitely surprised to find out that 75% of all movers in 2020 whom moved to Idaho actually moved to Boise. Seventy five percent of all movers! that is mind blowing if you stop and think about the actual number of people that move every year. Check out the top 10 list of the of inbound states in 2020 below compliments of ktvb.

The top 10 inbound states of 2020 were:

1.    Idaho

2.    South Carolina

3.    Oregon

4.    South Dakota

5.    Arizona

6.    North Carolina

7.    Tennessee

8.    Alabama

9.    Florida

10.    Arkansas

Outside of Oregon we seem to be the only cold weather state nevertheless Idaho ranks number one. Looks like our little corner of the world has been discovered.


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