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It's that time Treasure Valley! Are you tired of consistently opening your email to find another 26 unread messages from people you've never heard from? Even worse, did you open some spam and also re-open Pandora's box of spam? No worries because I have a quick solution.

I came across this free online program called that updates you on subscriptions that you're enrolled in. The problem with email today is that you subscribe by just clicking on a website without knowing it. This is an excellent program for you. For example, I had 22 new subscriptions when I check the other day. I will receive 20 to 30 new subscriptions in a week if I'm not paying attention. Let me give the most common mistake that we NEVER really think about and it's probably going to all make sense now.

Hello, thanks for shopping at [insert establishment] and can you finish your purchase by giving me your email please. That's going to give you so many discounts and we'll send you birthday messages. This is our insider club!.

We have something similar called, "Friends with Benefits". The only difference is we're not selling your information to make $$$$ off subscriptions. Some businesses gather and sell your data for $10 a contact. These companies have 5,000, 10,000, and maybe 100,000 contacts. You do the math!

The most alarming thing above is how many subscriptions I've deleted, 1487. That is a lot of crap that I never wanted and had no idea that I subscribed to. I'll list the site below for you to try. If you're done with all this stuff and you get something you NEVER subscribed about. Make sure to scroll to the very bottom and usually it will ask you to unsubscribe if you don't want it.


The website is and I've been using for several years and that's how I've gotten rid of over 1800 subscriptions. Good luck and remember not to give out your email in that grocery store, department spot or online sale. Trust me! That's where most of it comes from.

Let me know if it works for you and maybe you have a better resource. Please share to

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