My son came to me and asked, "why did that man get killed? Didn't they like him?" Wow. What now? How do you even answer that question?

I feel like I'm always writing articles to show and express my feelings. I'm just not sure if that's my way of asking for help.

I caught myself watching the news all weekend trying to keep an eye on what's happening surrounding George Floyd. Sometimes you don't realize how much something is playing in the background as your kids keep walking by it. That's actually a problem that I should know about considering the news Isn't exactly PG-5. I have to be better when it comes to that and be better at explaining what's happening.

I'm going to be honest when I say, "there's just no direct path." I want my son and daughter to be good humans that create everyone equally. I don't want them to ever judge someone by the color of their skin or who they love. There are so many things I want them to learn but explaining why tragedy is happening challenges me.

I don't have answers right now, except, to be honest with them. My wife and I are just honest and do the best we can at explaining the correct way to treat people. These are just the things I need to learn. It definitely needs to be better.

I'll keep writing and posting best practices when I find them to maybe help another parent. I can tell you from personal knowledge that you could keep an eye on what you watch. We tend to watch the news, talk about terrible things we see online, and show someone a video. Your kids could view this as the first time, every time. While writing this I just came across the tips that CNN posted about how to talk to your children about protests and racism. It might be a good read.

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