No, Idaho didn't change their policies on marijuana overnight and it IS still illegal in Idaho. However, if you're down for a one-hour road trip, you CAN get legal marijuana. All you need to do is cross the state border and find yourself in Huntington, Oregon.

A surprising number of Americans are now in-favor for recreational smoking. According to the Spokesman, 22% of Americans use marijuana and 83% of Americans are all for marijuana becoming completely legal.  While our nation's citizens are feeling more relaxed about marijuana, the idea of it being legal in Idaho still has a long ways to go.

Rather than wait for marijuana to be legal in our wonderful state, you can follow the laws AND get your fix by making this quick drive. Huntington, Oregon is the official hotspot that Idaho's are visiting on the daily.

Huntington has two dispensaries that see an average of 600 customers stop by every day. On 4/20 they saw record amounts, many who traveled from Idaho, to purchase the kush as soon as they opened up shop. According to the store, they had 300 vehicles lined up ready to buy right at opening.

As a reminder, the laws are VERY clear when it comes to purchasing marijuana. If it's legal where you're buying it, you can buy it and you can use it but you cannot transport that pot back across state lines into a state that has not legalized marijuana.  Yes, that means if you're caught driving back with your fresh batch of cannabis, you will be arrested.

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