Idaho might not be shut down yet but It's scary wondering what's to come. I was talking this morning with my co-host and we discussed what to do?

Should we go outside? Neighbors are letting kids outside so does that mean we should? What are the rules here?

I really don't know. I went into Albertsons last night and shelves were still somewhat empty. Everywhere you go It's almost impossible to not be near someone. I'm hoping this doesn't become the normal way of our lives moving forward but I guess it's up in the air. So, what now? Especially if you have kids?

I received a call from a few doctors during my show to find out there's plenty to do. My wife dressed up our little angels and they made something out of nothing. Lennox (my son that is 5 years old) and Leo (daughter that's 1 year old) starting pretending to be our doctors. I saw these photos and just love my wife for creatively helping make their day fun.

My wife and I also discussed how to keep these little ones safe and having fun at the same time. Might be time to ease up on strict screen time situation and put our own tech devices away. These sweet kids have no idea what a Coronavirus is. They just wanna play, trust me. I've been constantly picking up worms that somehow make it in our how. My son also loves to play in the dirt and so there's that 🐛

I'm praying this coronavirus ends sooner than later and people are able to survive jobs, family issues, and just life. If you get stressed try to forget it for a few minutes and lose yourself with the kids. Put your cell away and it might make YOU feel better too.

Photo by: Paige W
Photo by: Paige W


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