What do you think? Gonna win the lottery? Do you think you have a chance? Is it luck? I was asking myself these questions and did a little research to find out it's more than you think. The current Powerball is $550 Million dollars and Mega Millions is $445 Million dollars. Should I add the zeros?!?! $550,000,000.

The closest I've ever come to winning is one of our listeners who took home $150,000. I barely match one number and that's on my luckiest day. So, what's the deal? I turned to the internet and found a guy who won 7 jackpots and treats this like a business. His name is Richard Lustig of Orlando, FL and his winnings run through a system he created. Wait, there's a system?

  • Tip One: Don't use the "quick-pick" - This would be my first mistake because I only use the quickie! I just figure it I'm gonna win - I'll win. That's where this guy gets it right because he's playing the numbers. I guess it makes sense that each quick pick is like jumbling up the numbers which probably makes your odds worse.
  • Tip Two: "Go beyond birthdays" - Richard says you need to play ALL the number instead of just smaller numbers like birthdays. How many people do you know that chooses a 49 as a lucky number? Use more than just 1-31.
  • Tip Three: "Don't change your digits" - Stay the course yo! Pick a few sets and wish for the best!
  • Tip Four: "Play consistently!" - Don't fret because you lose, keep playing. Never miss a drawing and exhaust those numbers till they hit.
  • Tip Five" "Understand the odds, but know your limits" - This is obvious when it comes to odds right? If I play 100 sets of numbers versus 1 set is obviously better. That's 99 more chances that a number will be a winner. No your limits but don't play irresponsible and get the lights cut off in your crib. I don't think my 3-year-old will like a Powerball ticket because daddy is broke. Manage your tickets and good luck!

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