I want to start with I'm not getting paid to write this blog and nobody is influencing my opinion. It's hard to read anything today without someone else being paid for false information. I bought this bottle to get my booty on track!

This is a Bluetooth enabled water bottle that tracks your every drink. Why do I need this? I'm obviously NOT disciplined so don't judge me. I'm a seeker, explorer and always looking to find ways to better myself. You might be thinking though to be honest, "why don't you just drink 8 glasses a day?" That's like saying, "just goto the gym and eat right if you wanna get in shape." 😡 That's almost like telling someone you can't find your keys and they say, "well, where did you have them last?"

Raise your hand if you've ever bought a pill to lose weight? Shake weight? Bowflex (i did it), that contraption that goes around your wait with electrodes (i did it) and the list goes on. We all search for the answer and I've discovered the one thing you need that I posted in my last blog. Water is one thing that is imperative in life considering approximately 70% of our bodies are made up of water.

I could go into health reasons on why water is so important but we'll save that. I researched smart bottles that track your water intake. I chose the H2O Pal and it's pretty cool.

Photo by: Kekeluv
Photo by: Kekeluv

This is a very nice water bottle wrapped in glass with silicon protection in three areas. H2O Pal provides you with a battery and spare. This isn't your ordinary water bottle because this one is Bluetooth enabled that instantly syncs to your device. H2O Pal keeps track of your water by a calibration tool inside the bottle. You can feel that in the bottom of the bottle. None of the digital portions of the bottle ever come in contact with the water. This is a very nice bottle and it's pretty impressive how fast it detects your sips.

The App: The app was simple to download, quickly read by my IOS Device, and automatically detected with the setup. No glitches. You receive smart notifications if you're not drinking enough and have complete control over health notifications. I'll attach some screenshots so you can take a sneak peek at the app. I'll keep you posted in the next couple of weeks if I stick with it. The price will set you back a few at $99 dollars but you can find it cheaper on Amazon. It comes in this blue/black and pink/yellow right now.

I'm almost at my goal of 61 ounces for the day! I've noticed I don't come close to drinking what I should. I'll check back soon!

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