Pets and fireworks just don't mix. The Idaho Humane Society is ready to keep pets safe on one of their busiest holidays. 

No matter your pet's temperament, the sound of fireworks stresses them out. Some react outwardly while others shiver. Some may not even show signs of fear but with the noise and smell of smoke gets the attention of all pets.

Make sure you take special care of your four-legged friends this holiday. Here's how:

  1. Snuggle up. Give hugs and lovin' to your dog or cat during the time fireworks are going off.
  2. Come home before the show. If you get home prior to the start of the firework lighting, you have a chance to get your pets settled and feeling safe so their stress level will be a little bit lower.
  3. Keep your pets inside. Plan ahead to keep your pets indoors. If there is any panic and they are outside, they will find a way to get away from the sound. That's where the Idaho Humane Society comes in to play.
  4. Turn on the TV and/or radio. Distractions work. Plan to watch a movie or create a playlist of your favorite songs and keep a light-hearted attitude with good ol' Fido.
  5. Keep your pet's I.D. current. Is their name and phone number on your pet's tag? Are they microchipped? You won't regret this decision should your pet go missing.

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