Here we are the day before Valentine's Day, this is also the day before millions of dollars are spent on roses and bouquets of fresh flowers.

It's the big day and he shows up with the most beautiful flowers you've seen since last Valentines's Day and as you look for a special place to put the beautiful gift you think to yourself... I'm gonna take such good care of these, they're gonna last for a long time. Fast forward three days and the flowers are dead. Is this avoidable? the answer is yes and no. Here are some tips from AccuWeather on how to make those precious flowers last as long as possible.

  • Cut zinnias, carnations, chrysanthemums and baby's breath have been known to last two to three weeks or more, while Alstroemeria can usually last up to two weeks once cut.
  • If you're buying roses, gently squeeze the flower where the petals meet the stem, If it's firm, they're fresh, but if it's soft, they're old
  • Look for cut stems that appear clean rather than gunky from sitting in water, and see if the flowers are being kept in a refrigerated case.
  • When you get your flowers home, it's recommended that you place your arrangement in a cool room in cool water, away from direct sunlight and from sources of heat, like stoves, fireplaces or heating vents.
  • Trim 1-2 inches from each stem's end when you first bring your flowers home and for every two to three days afterward. Scissors aren't recommended, as they tend to squish the stems.
  • To prevent an air bubble, always cut the stem underwater, and cut the stems at a 45-degree angle to maximize water uptake.
  • If possible, remove dead petals or flowers from the vase, This will prevent the spread of harmful bacteria among the rest of your flowers.
  • Experts recommend changing the water in your vase every two to three days, or when the water no longer appears clear.
  • If you use a water softener, it's best to use distilled water or demineralized water for your cut flowers, as softened water contains too much sodium, which is not good for flowers
  • Use flower food.. Yes the one that comes with the bouquet

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