It's a celestial event and a time of sun, moon, gods and all of what I call the "woo woo" stuff. It's so much like dream talk and moon talk that I do. There are some things you can do just before any eclipse (and during) to bring positivity into your life.

My wife was texting me saying she was making "eclipse water". My response: WTF is eclipse water? I googled it and of course Bustle has a whole article on things you should do during the eclipse.

Eclipse Water: The theory behind eclipse water is that because your body is made mostly of water and water is the key to life, the eclipse has energy and powers and the combination can make for great things.

How to Make Eclipse Water: Fill a glass water bottle or mason jar with water. Set the jar outside as soon as the eclipse begins (for us, that's 10:10 a.m.). Set your intentions. This is like a realistic wish. It's perhaps a direction for your love life, finances, family or even diet. Once the eclipse is over (12:51 p.m. - to be safe), bring the water back inside and use the magical water for anything from bathing to making coffee to watering plants.

If you're all "woo woo" like I am (sometimes I forget to do stuff like this), take all the steps during the eclipse for greater, more magical things in life.

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