For years, one of the most annoying things about iPhone's Autocorrect feature has been its incessant correction of curse words such as "f--k" to "duck."

It's not uncommon to be in the middle of a passionate iMessage rant and have your text transform into something silly.

It totally ruins the vibe, as well as the point the F-word is being used to emphasize!

Thankfully, we've got a new iPhone hack that should help solve this persistent ducking problem.

How to Stop Your Phone From Autocorrecting the F-Word to 'Duck'

According to the below viral tweet, someone figured out that all you have to do to work around Autocorrect is make the F-word a contact in your phone. (Yes, as if it's a person!)

Then, Autocorrect won't change the profanity to "duck."

This isn't the only workaround, however.

You can also go into an iPhone's Text Replacement settings and add any words or abbreviations you want to include. All you have to do is:

1. Open Settings.
2. Click General.
3. Go to Keyboards and then Text Replacement.

In this scenario, simply input "duck" or "ducking" and replace it with "f--k" or "f---ing" as the shortcut.

The helpful hack even extends to businesses.

"I just shared in our Monday operations meeting, the team was thankful. I will be sure to share in upcoming meetings with the Deans as well! Great pro tip," one person tweeted.

Some people out there, however, appear to have the opposite problem.

"Can’t help but feel like a winner when my autocorrect wants to change ‘duck’ to f---. a proud personal moment tbh," one person tweeted.

It's safe to say this is a ducking good phone hack.

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