It's one of those embarrassing moments when you're in a store during this pandemic life we're in and all of a sudden you get fogged up glasses due to your mask. Is it the most dramatic thing? No. Annoying? YES.

Do you ever open up your phone and the Face ID won't recognize you anymore? You lift up your phone and nothing. It's like you've grown apart from each other in a matter of weeks. What now?

Honestly, these are just spoiled issues that we have living with all our tech, and COVID-19 isn't helping. We know this is a tragic situation ripping our country apart right now so these minor things aren't the worst. Let's just say it's inconvenient.

I looked around to see if there were a fix and nothing yet. I feel like whenever they launch a new iPhone we see things like this. Apple has a fix coming in the next update for IOS in beta. This should make things easier for you when using Face ID. That means no more oops you are recognized feelings anymore.

This fix is currently in beta which means you have to be signed up to try new things are that expensive gadget of yours. While I love having things first and think it's cool, I wouldn't jump on those things too fast. That beta testing deal for Apple destroyed my iPhone last time. I'll wait for the official update which Apple says it could be very soon

Until then you'll just have to be old school and type in your password in 😉I came across a good story on CNN with links to sign-up for Apple's Beta program if you're interested below.

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