Boise State was the scene last weekend of a protest march organized by several women protesting the comments of Boise State University Professor Doctor Scott Yenor.

Yenor made some controversial comments concerning the family and the role of women in the workplace. Several folks have demanded the university fire Yenor. Boise State has issued a release supporting the First Amendment in response to the controversy.

What did the rally/protest accomplish?

According to several Tweets from Democratic State Representative Brooke Green, the hundreds of women sent a message through gaining media coverage.  The state representative seemed to take Yenor's comments personally.

The state representative seemed to take Yenor's comments personally. She shared her views with KTVB."Women are here to stay," said Idaho State Representative and Transportation Planner Brooke Green. "We’re not going to be private. We are going to be present in our daily lives.” 

No reaction from Yenor at the time of this publication.

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