A woman on Mumsnet is devastated after her husband told her he wants to re-home their aging dog due to the pet's emerging medical issues.

On the parenting forum, the anonymous woman shared she and her husband own a 13-year-old terrier whose health has declined over several months.

"She was having a lot of issues with diarrhea and causing a lot of mess in the house," the woman wrote, explaining she consulted a vet, changed the dog's food and has been crating the dog at night while they attempt to find a solution.

"This morning, she had pooed in the crate, but it had spilled out onto the floor. So, whilst he sorted the DC for nursery, I had to clean up this huge mess," the woman continued.

She explained she and her husband are also new parents to twins, and the dog's issues have been wreaking havoc on their new morning routine: "I should have been expressing milk before my newborn twins woke up."

Her husband has now reached his limit.

"He says the dog has to go," the woman shared, adding they previously had an elderly dog who they opted to "drip feed" after its health rapidly declined. After the dog passed away, the couple felt "such a relief," but her husband doesn't want to "go through it again."

"At this stage, I don't think he cares if she is re-homed, goes to a shelter, or is put down. Despite all of this, I'm still very much of the opinion that a dog is a lifelong commitment," she continued.

In the comments, many Mumsnet readers validated the woman's feelings of wanting to keep the dog. However, some questioned whether or not she is being humane.

"I agree with you. I don't think I could just get rid of a pet that I've had for a long time because they were unwell. This post makes me so sad for the dog!" one person wrote.

"A dog is a lifelong commitment, but it sounds like your dog has untreated medical issues or severe cognitive decline causing house-soiling regression. Either of these should be treated/managed medically, or you should be considering her quality of life.
Being crated with her own sh-t is not a solution that gives her a good life," another commented.

"I'm not really a dog person. But I think if you are, then it's hard to get rid of them, as you grow attached and see them as more of just a pet like people don't have with pet cats. However, you cannot keep a dog alive if it is suffering from dementia, that is borderline animal cruelty, and it's only to make you feel better, certainly not the dog. I think YABU, not your DH," someone else weighed in.

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