Idaho is known for a few things, potatoes and nature. Ok sure there is a whole lot more to the gem state but when people who have never been here are asked about Idaho, those are usually what comes up. We are so, so much more. This little golden nugget that I just found may surprise even the most educated Idahoan.

I bet you didn't know that the television was invented in Idaho. Readers Digest created an article covering The Most Famous Invention from Every State. I had to scroll to Idaho to see what came up and to my surprise, TV's came from here, well at least the idea and beginning experiments started in Idaho. That is a pretty big deal. So how did the television come to be?

The article says, "Philo Taylor Farnsworth was a teenager working on his family farm in Idaho when he had a vision for an invention. Other inventors working on televisions were toying with a mechanical-powered device, but he thought electricity would be a better choice. He later moved to Utah, then California, before his idea came to life, but Rigby, Idaho, still deems itself the birthplace of television."

That is not the only impressive invention to come out of Idaho. Do you like to ski, snowboard or just see the great views from a mountain chairlift? Well Idaho can take credit for that one too.

According to Only in You State, "The Sun Valley Ski Resort was preparing to open in 1936 as America's very first ski resort. The founder was the chairman of the Union Pacific Railroad, William Averell Harriman. Harriman consulted with his team of railway engineers to come up with a new way of lifting people up the mountain."

Boom the ski lift that is used all around the world was created right here too. Yup, you deserve a pat on the back Idaho.

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