Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus chillin' in the bread section at Albertsons 🎅

Saturday evening my son and I had to make a quick stop at Albertsons for a few cookie baking things. Leaving the story I saw something my son didn't and he was too busy begging for a bouncing ball in that machine before you leave. I noticed them walking in and Lennox was jumping into his car seat. You know I had to do it.

That's when I grabbed Lennox and said, "Was that who I think it was in that white beard and red suit?" I then told my son, "I think I saw Santa!" The sheer outburst of silence came over him! I just knew that was Santa and while I wanted my son to see him. All of that said I just really wanted to ask him one question, "Who's in Santa's Sleigh?"

Eight seats in our Who's in Santa's Sleigh with Keke and Kat have been named. I just need to know who is in that last seat Santa! Drake was one of the most recent guests on Santa's Sleigh.

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We walked back in and there he was with Mrs. Claus shopping for some rolls. I was too nervous to ask but I'm thinking maybe they flew in for some surprise dinner? I knew this was my one chance to be a hero to my little Lennox and that's when I did it.

"Are you scared?" I asked my son who is a month away from his big number four and last year he wasn't having it. This year something was different, Lennox is a big brother. "I'm not scared, daddy." Like a savage, we walked up and I shakingly asked, "Santa! Uhhhhhh, this is my son Lennox." My son lost it in a very calm way and actually thinking back he was super cool. I was a nervous wreck.

I remember my parents recording him when I was like 6 years old and still remember the sound of that bell. Lennox was great and when Santa asked what he wanted for Christmas he didn't blink.

I want a Paw Patrol Ultimate Firetruck Santa.

I was so proud! He just went for it and I was just so happy to be there in that moment. The only problem is I forget to ask him who was in Santa's Sleigh. Damn! Well, peep the remaining passengers in our Santa's Sleigh contest. We give you a chance every morning at 7:35 a.m. and 9:35 a.m. Someone will get the final passenger on Monday or Tuesday.

This contest gives the grand prize winner over $5,000 in cash//trips/gift cards/merch. Click HERE for prize information.

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