Happy Mother's Day! While these amazing ladies deserve more than just one day of appreciation a year, today is the dedicated day where we can show love and respect for the moms in our lives.  This Mother's Day, I wanted to do something extra special for my wife, the mother of my child. While Mother's Day brunches are great, I personally wanted to do something different, something memorable.

There's an awesome app called Turo where you can rent cars from people who own the vehicles. Think of it as Airbnb but for automobiles. I figured I would try it and see what it was all about.

I wanted to go full out, so I rented a Tesla Model X. These cost upwards of $80,000 but I was able to rent ours for the day for significantly less.


Once the car was scheduled to rent, I started dropping hints to my wife about how cool the Tesla was. I found YouTube videos of Teslas drag-racing Lamborghinis and winning. Also, if you haven't seen the epic Jadon Smith "Icon" video, the vehicle is featured and takes center stage.

We quickly and easily picked up the 100% electric vehicle. Driving it was awesome, quite the experience. There's so much technology packed in the car, all sorts of sensors and displays that tell you your energy consumption and can even drive without assistance, however, I didn't want to try because our daughter Phoenyx was in the car.


This Mother's Day, my wife's "official" gift was a shopping spree at the Boise Town Square Mall, but the Tesla was also an excellent gift for the both of us. After all, what's better than pulling up to Macy's in an $80k vehicle?

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