After the building's new tenant announced their opening, the bowling alley was forced to share the news about their last day.

When new roller rink, Treasure Valley Skate, changed their address to 4712 W State Street on their Facebook page, things got a little awkward. The public soon put together that it was the address of 20th Century Lanes which has been in business in the Treasure Valley for almost six decades.  The news drew some negative comments from people who claimed the skate rink maliciously ousted the bowling alley from it's location.  The rink clarified that they learned of a lease being available after it was listed on a commercial real estate site and that they'd not purpousley tried to oust 20th Century Lanes.  They went on to say they admired the bowling alley and it's history in the Treasure Valley.

20th Century Lanes went on to post on their Facebook page that their offer for the lease was rejected and that their final day for business will be June 30th.  They called the news sudden.  The alley moved into it's State Street location 57 years ago, but it's been around the Treasure Valley much longer. According to the Idaho Statesman, they opened in a location that I'm EXTREMELY familiar with in 1937.  The original alley is now the site of my beloved Old Chicago at 8th and Idaho.

So how quick will the businesses flip? Treasure Valley Skate officially takes occupancy on November 1st. They don't plan on change much inside the building, but they will stop serving alcohol.  The lounge is slated to become a party room.

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