Shocked, floored, saddened, confused, angry and hungry. All these emotions and a feeling of pain deep in my stomach pulsed through me when I read the news from Boise Dev that the iconic Broadway sandwich shop Cobby's closed without warning on Friday.

I don't know where to begin. When I moved to Boise in the summer of 2007, Cobby's off of Broadway was one of the first places I visited. I thought the restaurant was "homey" the food was terrific, and the location next to the to Boise State campus tied everything together. It just felt like Boise.

It was only after I dined there a few times that I realized they'd been a Boise staple since the 70s.

Because of Cobby's proximity to work, it quickly became a lunchtime favorite. On warm summer days, I would walk the Greenbelt down to the Broadway Bridge, cross over the floaters, walk past Albertsons Stadium and go to Cobby's. When record labels would fly into town and request to go a local restaurant, I'd take them to Cobbys. When I left and moved to America's armpit (Peoria Il) the last place I ate was Cobby's. When I came to Boise to visit friends and family, I ate at Cobby's. And when I moved back to Boise, with a wife and daughter, the first place I went was Cobby's.

I never had a bad meal, although my go to was the Clam Chowder and the salad bar. Never to forget the free apple and bag of chips offered with the meal.


While we're bummed the first, iconic shop has closed it's doors, there are still two other locations where you can enjoy your Cobby's fix: 6899 Overland Rd. Boise and 4348 W. Chinden Blvd. Garden City.


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