Idaho Governor Brad Little recently signed a bill that would make abortion illegal in Idaho after six weeks.  As reported by both local and national publications, Idaho's law is the first in the nation's law to model itself after the Texas law.

Pro-abortion advocates vow to tie up the law right after it goes into effect through numerous lawsuits.  Liberal governors like Washington's Insley and Oregon's Brown have begun efforts to recruit Idahoans to their pro-abortion states.  Some Idaho Conservatives are still critical of Governor Little signing the bill.


However, if you look back two years ago, not many folks would consider Idaho and Texas passing this type of pro-life legislation.  The United States Supreme Court will be ruling on the most pivotal abortion case since Roe v Wade in a few months.  The court could decide to once again allow states to determine if they will allow abortions to be performed in their states. Idaho is now on the frontlines of the life debate.  Both the White House and the Office of the Vice President issued terse denunciations of Idaho's new law.  You can read the entire statement from the White House below.  

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