April is here, which means the days will be longer, and Idaho's temperature will rise. Last Summer, we saw drought conditions impact our lawns, fields, and water supply. Although many of us hoped, and some prayed for excessive snowpack, this winter did not deliver the snowfall we needed to avoid a water deficit.

Nampa has decided to prepare itself and its citizens for a possible drought this summer. Nampa Mayor Debbie Kling has formed a task force called the City of Nampa's Drought Task Force. The group's goal is to find ways to educate folks in Nampa on maximizing their irrigation water.

The mayor hopes that she and the task force can work together to help Idahoans get through hot temperatures. She shares her thoughts in a press release.

"We must all work together to be good stewards of our natural resources. Nampa is fortunate to have a pressurized irrigation system. We greatly appreciate the time and information local organizations and experts have given on the newly formed drought task force to help us extend our irrigation season as long as possible. Let's all do our part to be water wise in the Treasure Valley."

The Task Force

According to the city, there are several organizations in the task force. The group is a mix of public and private entities: Nampa's three irrigation districts (Pioneer, Nampa-Meridian, and Boise-Kuna Irrigation Districts), Idaho Rural Water Association, Zamzows, Nampa and Vallivue School Districts, local residents, City of Nampa staff and other interested individuals.

All residents do pay for access to irrigation water, however, there is no guarantee of how much water will be available.  The continued development will drain the state's irrigation system.  Cities and counties across the state will have to answer the challenge if this spring doesn't produce enough water to replenish the supply.

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