COVID-19 cases are on the rise and that is essentially the truth nationwide. If you look at a map of positivity rates, however, our own State of Idaho is dark red. In other words, we are among the very worst places to be when it comes to COVID-19 in the entire country.

As we navigate whatever it is that we're going through right now--I suppose that all falls under the "Global Pandemic" umbrella--we're seeing a lot of state and local governments adjust as holidays approach.

With holidays come travel--thousands if not millions of Americans are leaving town to go see their loved ones. Or, at least that is usually the case. Colleagues here around the radio station are struggling finding the right answer for their holiday plans and I have friends and family across the nation fighting with the same decision. Lucky for me, my family is right here--Idahome!

As of this morning, Oregon, California, and Washington have all issued travel advisories. Idaho and Montana, two nearby states, just happen to have two of the highest positivity rates in the nation.

Could Idaho be next?

The common theme around the travel advisories that are in place near us right now seems to be that if you DON'T need to travel there--please don't. If you DO, please quarantine for 14-days.

With Governor Brad Little speaking this afternoon (Friday, November 13th), we could see everything from a mask mandate, to a travel advisory, to a simply Stage Three update.

We will keep you posted.

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