You could call it a "heated debate" but these days, it seems like it has fizzled out a little: legalization of marijuana in Idaho. We've see the wave of legalization happen all around us-- Washington and Oregon, perhaps our closest neighbors, have legalized for recreational sale and use. In regards to medicinal use, a total of 37 out of our 50 states have legalized.

In Idaho, it seems folks have gotten used to a commute to Ontario. It just isn't realistic to think dispensaries will ever exist in Idaho, at this time.

There's one drug that is making a come-up, no pun intended, nationwide. Could Idaho take a look at this one?

Here's a look at what some real local Idahoan's say justify legalizing the weed: 

4 Practical Reasons The People of Boise Want Weed Legalized

We asked the people of Boise why they want weed legalized in the state of Idaho... and they bring up some valid points!

So if weed isn't legalized...what about "shrooms"?

While it is currently legalized in far fewer states than marijuana at this time, Psilocybin, the psychoactive compound found in "magic mushrooms" is gaining steam in the legal system. Colorado most recently legalized "magic mushrooms" and Oregon, our neighbor to the West did so a couple of years ago, with rules in place that it must be integrated in a therapeutic setting.

Massive studies are being done at major institutions, like Johns Hopkins University, the research the benefits of Psilocybin for mental health related issues, like PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Thus far, research in its infancy has proven to be positive.





Many states are beginning to see little harm in usage of Psilocybin and studies are showing that it isn't a "drug" that gets people addicted.  There's also no odor, which is a common complaint about marijuana in cities and states where it is legalized.

Do "shrooms" have more medicinal promise than marijuana? Some are saying yes-- and similar compounds are already available in Idaho, such as Ketamine, in the venue of mental health assistance.

One of the most unique attributes of this "drug" is that it grows naturally in Idaho's forests--but if picked, becomes a crime.

Would you try the shrooms?

These 6 Mushrooms Are Unsuspecting Dangers in Idaho

Recently, a Death Cap mushroom was discovered in the North End of Boise. The mushroom is known globally as a poisonous mushroom that should never be consumed. These are not only dangerous to humans, but to pets as well. Curious about other Idaho mushrooms that need to be avoided? Here is a quick guide to some-- poisonous AND magical.

It's important to note that none of our photos or descriptions of these mushrooms, below, should be taken as official health advice. If you do not know what kind of mushroom you are dealing with, never eat it.

Dispensaries You Can Find in Ontario, Oregon

The State of Oregon has legalized marijuana for some time now. Dispensaries continue to pop up across the state although the "joke" or "reality", whichever you want to embrace, really points to the fact that Ontario seems to serve a lot of Idahoans.
Here are just some of the places you can legally purchase marijuana in Ontario.

Boise Residents React to Masked Man Offering Weed

What do people think about the weeds in Boise? According to this video footage, most have no interest in it.

5 Super Dope Spots To Smoke Weed In Idaho

You're in Idaho and looking for some where cool to burn one down? Look no further. These are the five spots I'd recommend you check out to really get the most out of your session. Idaho is home of amazing scenery, so get ready to destress and have your worries fade away. Let's spark it up.

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