It would be a fair assessment to say that over the last year, Idaho has been in the national news quite a bit. While we do wish it were for more glamorous things--there's no denying that these headlines have people scratching their heads about what is going on in Idaho.

A countless number of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu along side major broadcasts from shows like Dateline NBC have covered what has become one of the most bizarre crime cases in the country: those of Chad and Lori Daybell.

Most recently, a judge ruled that Chad and Lori would be tried in court separately. Now, as Lori prepares for the trial, we're about to see mania. The crimes took place across the State of Idaho--yet the hearings will be held in Boise for a "change in venue"--away from the crime and in theory, with a larger jury pool. That is tough given the entire nation knows about the case.

Boise residents should expect to see a large national media presence in town once this trial begins and it's coming up quick--on April 3rd.

Court officials expect a lot of reporters and people will be trying ti view the trial so now, they'll be taking literal reservations for a seat. They might be tougher to get then a table at Chandler's on Valentine's Day, though.

For a complete guide about court proceedings, expectations, rules, maps, and yes--to make a reservation--click HERE.

Currently there are many children missing here in the State of Idaho--here is a look at them and we hope that if you know or see anything, you will contact authorities: 

2023 Updates On The Missing Children in Idaho

These children are missing and could be in the Idaho area according to Have you seen any of these children?

Another missing child case that has many across the country scratching their heads is the case of Fruitland's Michael Vaughan. Here is a timeline of those events: 

Timeline: Missing Idaho Child Michael Vaughan

Since late July of 2021, 5-year-old Michael Vaughan has been missing from his home and family in Fruitland, Idaho. The heart-shattering story has made it's way into the homes of families nationwide and several police organizations along side thousands of volunteers continue to keep the search alive. Below is a timeline of events leading up to where we are, now.

Help Us Find This Missing Boise Cat, Honey!

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